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Made in the USA

Our mandate to operate a socially responsible company has always lead Betty Be Good to seek first USA & Canadian made products where possible.

Our commitment to anti-human trafficking initiatives make this a natural bent for our buyers as we attempt to avoid manufacturing practices that put people at risk for labor trafficking. While we cannot be 100% certain a garment is made responsibly, by purchasing US made we have a better expectancy of fair trade goods and we invest in our economy for the future. 

We estimate that roughly 30-50% of each collection will be manufactured in the US or Canada. This estimate is a flex based on availability. We favor suppliers that manufacture and we seek out more each time we start a new collection. All styles are designed and innovated in the USA. 

What this means for you as a shopper is that you are supporting the North American economy, but also if you are shopping from Canada you will avoid duties and brokerage fees. Taxes may still apply. All styles in this collection are made in the US or Canada. Please also inquire if you have questions about any of the styles shown here.