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How To Wear Samantha's Six Ways Wrap

If you're adding only one new item to your wardrobe, Betty says it's gotta be Samantha's Six Ways To Sunday Wrap. It's versatile, practical and oh, so cute!

While it's my new favourite style, I think it might require a little owner's manual to give you all the ideas for how you can wear it.  So whether you own it already or plan to sport it in the future, here's a little photo demo to keep you styling six different ways.

1. Oversized Sweater Vest

Simply button up all the front buttons, slide the wrap over your head with the back partially exposed and voila... you have an adorable sweater vest! Wear this style layered with a basic long sleeve tee, other knits, dresses or Mya's Grown Up Leggings for an adorable and cozy look.

2. Slouchy Crop Sweater

Button up the top and the bottom button leaving the two in the middle open.  Slip over your head and pop your arm out the slouchy side. Add a basic tee like Amanda's On The Fringe Top and you're good to go! 

3. Cowel Neck Cape


Button up all the buttons in the back and slip it over your head. Wear it with Pippa's Pocket Tank available in purple & grey or try a black wrap with a sheath dress like Mia's Mad For Men dress for a retro capelette look! 

4. Sweater Shrug


Depending on the width of your back, button two or three buttons up from the bottom leaving the top button(s) open. This one is a little trickier than the others... place the shrug behind your neck and slide your arms into the hole allowing the buttons to be exposed to the back with an inverted triangle opening in the back. 

Betty suggests wearing this style with Leona's Spot On Dress as this dress has beautiful detail in the back!


5. Extra Long Scarf

Basic and straight forward... this style needs no explanation. 

6. Shawl

Throw on the wrap as a slouchy, warm shawl.  Wear it with your skinnies and boots for a super sexy look. 

This super versatile sweater, cape, shrug, shawl, vest, scarf and anything else your mind can dream up is available exclusively from Betty Be Good Boutique and it's just $37.50! More about Samantha's Six Ways To Sunday Wrap click here

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