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Betty's Liberty Closet

Embrace your inner Betty... look good, feel great!  

There's a 'Betty' in every woman. She's fun, confident and a little wild! Betty Be Good was created to help women embrace their inner 'Betty'.    Sadly there are women in our world who have never discovered their 'Betty'.

There are more than 27 million slaves of labour trafficking and sex trafficking in the world. In Canada, it is estimated that thousands of women and children are victimized by sex traffickers, and between 600,000-800,000 are exploited throughout North America every year. The average age of entry into the sex trade in Canada is between 12-14 years old, and Canada has been identified as a transit and destination country for travelling sex tourists, sex offenders, and traffickers*.  

The Salvation Army is actively reaching out to these victims with help to escape slavery and rebuild their lives. Betty Be Good supports the rehabilitation of these women at Deborah's Gate, a unique safe house and residential program for victims of human trafficking. Deborah’s Gate is the only facility of its kind that supports international and domestic women who have been trafficked into situations of sexual and labour exploitation and who are in need of protective and restorative housing and healing. Since its inception in 2009, Deborah’s Gate has helped over 45 victims of trafficking escape their abusers, access rehabilitative services including trauma counseling, medical and legal services, immigration, employment and addiction support, community development, and spiritual support. Residents of the program have been provided the support to go back to school, find gainful employment, learn key life skills and participate in enjoyable hobbies, develop healthy relationships and community, and prosecute their traffickers through the Canadian Justice System.  



We donate 2% of sales to a fund called Betty's Liberty Closet

A New Wardrobe, A Fresh Start

Women who have escaped slavery leave everything behind to find new hope at Deborah's Gate. We know that starting over can be difficult. That's why we created Betty's Liberty Closet. Betty donates 2% of sales to a fund which gives new clothing not damaged or unsold inventory from her collection each season to give women at-risk a chance to shop online to build a new wardrobe.  With your help, we can supply women with clothing, accessories and resources to establish a new identity and restore their hope for the future.   


Princess Power

Another way you can help Deborah's Gate is by purchasing this princess fashion pin called 'A Sparkle of Hope' for just $10.00. Buy it from Betty Be Good Boutique and help restore the sparkle in the eyes of trafficking victims.    

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*Sources: International Labor Standards (2004), Predator Watch- predatorwatch.ca, It’s Not What You Think: Sexually Exploited Youth in BC (2008), National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children- missingkids.com, Every Image, Every Child (2009), Cybertip.ca


To learn more about human trafficking and to read survivor's stories of recovery through The Salvation Army. 

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