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Reese Rectangle




You're the shape that is the most common among all women... 

...a rectangle body shape is shared by 47% of ladies.

You have an ideal weight distribution top and bottom. Your athletic build lacks some curve so creating the illusion of curves is your ultimate goal.

Your celebrity look-a-likes are Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Natalie Portman and Cameron Diaz.  These are some pretty little ladies and so are you, so here are some tips to look your best without a celebrity stylist! 


Tips to Shop For Your Shape

  • A-line skirts create the hips you've always dreamed of having while ruffles and adornments at the neckline of tops create the balance you need between hips and chest. It's this illusion that creates your balanced waistline. 
  • Bring it all together with a belt. Experiment with different belts, but don't cinch too tight! 
  • Rectangle gals tend to have a little bit of a boyish figure, so a girly skirt will really change up your look.
  • Any bottom that adds a little volume will make your waist look super small in proportion. Go for pleated & tiered skirts skirts and flared trousers and jeans. Stay away from high-waisted pants and skirts.  Remember, your best fit is right for jeans, skirts and trousers is below the waist with a slight flare.
  • Try statement tops with bolder prints and colours. 
  • Avoid tight clothing that accentuates your lack of curves. If you do, choose either a light top or a light bottom, but never both.
  • In the dress department, long is strong... you can pull off floor length gowns and maxi dresses. Even try a wrap dress! Remember to look for that belt or wait enhancing feature like draping at the waist or pleating on your dresses. 

Here's another great style tip...

Try searching Betty Be Good Boutique according to your specific body type.  When you click on the 'Rectangle' button, the e-store will filter all products that fit best on a Rectangle shape. Unclick 'Rectangle' to view all styles on the e-store.

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