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Tia Triangle


All your assets are front and centre! You're a triangle aka. inverted triangle or apple body type. 

You share your shape with 14% of lovely ladies.

With a well-endowed chest and slim lower body, your goal is to balance your larger upper with your super slim lower, elongate your body and create the illusion of curves.

Here's who to watch for on the red carpet.. Catherine Zeta Jones, Tyra Banks, Drew Barrymore & Kate Winslet! Let's talk about how to dress for success with a triangle shape. 


Tips to Shop For Your Shape

  • Wear longer shirts and blouses that stretch your body. Try darker colours on top and lighter and brighter on the bottom to draw the eye down. Your best friend is the V-neck which shows off your "girls" (just a little) and draws the eye away from your strong shoulders.
  • When looking to elongate the upper body, go for a longer top or blouse. They elongate your body without making you look top heavy. 
  • Go for a darker colour on top to deemphasize your larger upper. Stick to the light shades on the bottom. 
  • Avoid dresses & tops with power shoulders, puffy sleeves and shoulder pad...of course!  Team up your dresses with broad belts as they will lay emphasis on your waist and hips. 
  • As for bottoms wear skirts with volume or try the tiered or pleated skirts. Your trousers and jeans are best with a flare. This will bring better proportion to your larger chest and slim hips. 
  • Avoid huge prints on the body and stick to monochrome colours or tiny prints.
  • Stay away from pants & jeans that taper at the bottom as they throw off the balance of your outfit and shape! 
  • Try out Mia's Mad Men Dress! This styles will fit the 'girls' and build balance to shoulders and hips.

Here's another great style tip...

Try searching Betty Be Good Boutique according to your specific body type. When you click on the "Triangle' button, the e-store will filter all the products that fit best on a Triangle shape. Unclick 'Triangle' to view all the styles on the e-store.


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