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Betty Shares The Love Celebrating Our First Birthday!

Posted on November 15 2014

In celebration of our first birthday... Betty created a kindness campaign called Share The Love. We're distributing eighty bracelets embossed with LOVE. Store owner Suzanne Smith says, “We wanted to do something to give back the love this community has shown us. We opened our first boutique just a year ago and we’re so excited about the success of the store at Birch Bay Square.”

Smith says she was terrified when embarking on a bricks and mortar location after starting her business online just shy of three years ago. “A store was never part of the plan, but I love it. After we opened it soon became clear that our fashions were exactly what local gals were looking for and everyone loved the value too,” Smith says.

The bracelets are a pay it forward concept. We're awarding them to shoppers throughout the month of October. Each one comes with a card that instructs the shopper to wear the bracelet and give it away to a person who deserves a little love. Smith says, “Some girls love the bracelet so much they’re saying it will be hard to part with it. But the whole idea is to give love away. Our purpose is to bring encouragement to the community."

Tell us about how you shared the love with your bracelet by emailing us at bettybegood@live.ca. For more information about the boutique visit www.shopbettybegood.com.


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