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Posted on November 15 2014

Create & Share A Christmas Wish List!

I think we've all been there... wake up Christmas morning... expecting something sparkly under the tree. Instead... a blender, a dust buster or the worst gift I ever got... a large tutu thong! What was he thinking?

Let's face it ladies... your fella might need you to spell it out for him... or better yet, create a custom wish list with all your favorite Betty styles... sizes included!

It's fun and easy... and you can send it to anybody including your mother in law. Check it out at http://www.shopbettybegood.com


Betty xoxo

Wish List Tutorial

Creating and sharing a custom wish list is easy and fun. Check out these simple steps below:
1. Visit http://www.shopbettybegood.com
2. Click on an item you wish to add to your list.
3. Click "Add to Wish List" beside "Add to Cart" button.
4. Sign in to your account. (If you don't have an account sign up for one by following the prompts).
5. Add more styles.
6. Send to friends and family by clicking one of the options at the bottom... via email, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Christmas is in the bag! Now practise your surprised face for Christmas morning.


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