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Posted on June 16 2016

My journey into the issue human trafficking began with a film 12 years ago. I watched the TV movie human trafficking and was so broken by this heinous act that I cried the whole night through.

Soon after I left my job in the media to work for The Salvation Army. I became engaged with their local fundraising groups … we raised enough money to help establish the safe house Deborah's Gate, which is operated The Salvation Army in British Columbia to this very day. To learn more about Deborah's Gate click here

When I started my business in 2011, I decided that Betty Be Good would influence others for good by raising awareness about human trafficking as well as giving 2% of sales to clothe survivors of trafficking.

Last month another film broke my heart and I was so moved once again that I just had to share it with others. 

SOLD is the story of Lakshmi, a child lured from Nepal to a gritty brothel-prison called  House in Kolkata, India. Through this extraordinary girl's story, this film addresses sex-trafficking head on and exposes the ugly truth that children are among those exploited. Globally millions of children go missing and the average age of a trafficked girl is thirteen.

The film was exceptional, but difficult to watch especially because I have a seven year old daughter of my own. I nearly had to leave the theatre and then I remembered that all I have to do is watch. Others have lived this horror. Others are living it right now. 

It's hard to imagine such a brutal and evil reality in our world. As you read this blog post more than 5 million people are victims of human trafficking worldwide. This film is an echo of heroism and courage amid an organized crime epidemic only second to drug trafficking in profits.

These past few weeks promoting this film have been exciting. Many of you have so kindly donated tickets so others may see the film. You know who you are and we are so grateful for your kindness.

At the screening we were so blessed to hear from local organizations in Whatcom County who are affecting change and helping survivors of human trafficking. 

Lea Newcomb of Engedi Ministries shared her heart for helping sex-trafficking survivors with a six bed safe-house providing resources and a new start for women who have been lured into prostitution.  Even with their incredible work, sadly Ann shared that they have to turn away 60 girls a year because of lack of resources. To learn more about Engedi Ministries click here.

Another wonderful group who shared at our screening was Hope 4 Justice from Christ The King Church. Sue Ann Huetink shared that their groups focus is awareness and they organize events and programs to reach at-risk teens in the high schools. To learn more about Hope 4 Justice click here

We had a very special and courageous speaker Sarah share her own personal story of trafficking. Sarah gave a personal face to the issue and her strength to overcome was an inspiration to all at the screening. 

I've heard many people say that this problem seems so huge how can we even make a dent in the solution? I have two thoughts to share on this... How do you swallow an elephant? You don't... You take one bite at a time... So think about how you can take small steps that lead to huge gains. Affect one person, then another. Even if you only help one person you are making a huge difference. 

Remember that a problem this big needs a bigger God. We ended the evening with a beautiful, heartfelt prayer by Erin Clark from Village Church. She prayed that we would not rest in brokenness from the pain of this film but that we would be motivated to act. Act on the tuggings of our hearts. For each of us this is different. But don't ignore those tuggings. They lead you to God's purpose for your life.

 Lastly, as the film crew and Producers have shared at each screening, we #dareyoutobethelight because light casts out darkness. To learn more about the film SOLD visit: www.soldthemovie.com


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