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Geometry Lessons

Posted on February 02 2012

Spring is shaping up to be a season where bold geometric shapes take centre stage for that perfect statement dress. 

While prints of all types are popular, geometric shapes equal fashion forward style with everything from colour blocking to intricate patterns and shapes.  (Dress, Carolina Herrera.)

If you're not so sure about geometry, then try colour blocking or shapes in the details of a dress or top as shown in this dress. It's a subtle use of geometry for just the right look this Spring. 

Geometric tops of dresses with A-line flare at the hips can really work for a Rectangle (Banana) body type by creating the illusion of

curves. Take the "What's My Shape?" Quiz to find out your shape. 

If you're a Triangle (Apple) avoid a strong pattern, as it brings more emphasis to your sturdy shoulders.  Triangles want to use shapes on the bottom to draw the eye down and create a balance between your top and bottom.

Bells & Hourglass can pull off geometry, but try for a band of solid colour  at the waist to avoid a tubular look creating bulk in the middle where you really don't have it, as shown with the red band of the Carolina Harrera dress.

If the geometry trend is just not adding up to style for you, then try a fun pattern like leopard that creates the illusion of geometry without the harsh lines. 



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