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The Sneaky Style Cover Up - Part 1

Posted on February 03 2012

There are few people who can truly say they love their body shape.  Every woman struggles shopping for the right dress, pair of jeans or blazer. While every person faces this challenge, celebrities are no different.  They just have the resources to hire professionals to pull a sneaky style cover up! 

In this article, I'll tell you which celebrities have your body type and how they manage to wear clothing that can drastically change their look with the illusion of hips, broader shoulders or a taller frame. 

If you haven't identified your specfic body type, take Betty's Body Shape Quiz now to determine "What's My Shape?". Then come back for some sneaky insider style tips that you can use while shopping to get a perfect fit. 

Now that you know your type, Let's begin with Tia Triangle: 

Tia Triangle

Famous "Tia Triangles" include Victoria Beckham, Rene Zellwegger, Elizabeth Hurley and Kate Winslet. This might surprise you, but it's actually true. 

With breast augmentation, liposuction, extreme dieting and fitness training (not to mention Photoshop!), you might not be able to see the bustier top and heavier middle, but the wide set shoulders and extremely narrow hips are dead ringer for an inverted triangle shape as shown in this photo of Victoria Beckham.  

These red carpet strutters have sneaky style secrets that make it difficult to tell what their real shape is.

Here Posh is wearing an A-line skirt with an extreme belt at the waist which balances her shoulders and creates the illusion of hips and a smaller waistline for a curvy shape.  

Hurley camouflages her triangle shape with a soft dress that ruffles at the bust line and flares at the hips. 

Reese Rectangle

The straight waist of the rectangle is always the challenge for famous figures like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson and even Victoria Secret supermodel...Adriana Lima!  If one of the world's sexiest women is a rectangle shape, then what is the secret to making this body type a little more bendy? 

Kate's toned shape shows only a slight bend at the waist making her the archetypical rectangle, while Gwyneth is a long lean version. But watch how stylists are able to create bends and curves with these looks by using some insider style secrets. 

1. Draw the eye to a focal point in the centre of the body. This extreme V-neck dress might be too extreme for most people, but a less drastic V will do the trick too! 

2. Create a waistline with detail at the waist such as a waist-band, belt or ruffle detail. 

3. Show off those slim, toned legs. 

There's a reason why Gwyneth has been named best dresses celebrity time and time again.  Her stylists know how to disguise her shape as shown in this dress on the cover of In Style last year.  This takes all three 'secrets' and nails a sexy, curvy look for an otherwise straight figure! 

Read on about The Style Cover Up - Part 2. Bell (Pear) and Hourglass style secrets revealed! 


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