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The Sneaky Style Cover Up - Part 2

Posted on February 06 2012

If you've ever wondered how celebrities show up looking top notch, then this article will reveal those style secrets and give you the chance to look like a styled celebrity every day! In part one, I detailed how Reese Rectangle and Tia Triangle can Houdini their figures into sexy, curvy shapes. Now I'll talk a little about our friends Abigail Bell (aka. Pear) and Gwen Hourglass. 

Abigail (Bell - aka. Pear)

While your shape is actually curvy and sexy to start with, you need a little help balancing your smaller top with the hippy bottom! It's an easy fix with the right tips. Your famous company includes Leighton Meister, Jennifer Lopez and Rhianna. 

When you draw all eyes upward, you take the attention away from the extreme hips an bottom. Try tops that have detail at the bust line or shoulder bearing, detailed tops. Ruffles and adornments at the bust will create the illusion of larger breasts. 

Clare Danes is a bell shape whose dress gives her the hourglass shape with detail at the shoulders and even a slight puff in the sleeves.  In the case of Leighton Meister, this dress creates no illusions.  You see her extreme bell shape, but it's downplayed by black. 

Bells can win style with a figure hugging look if they dare to turn up the sexy factor, but always show off the trim waist and try to choose a style that adds to the department upstairs like Leighton Meister did with this nude blouse and high waisted pencil skirt. 

Another good look for a bell is a shoulder bearing top with a low attention bottom. This dress on Micha Barton is a good example because it flares at the hips and it hugs her slim waist while showing off her super slim upper body & even her waist. 

Jennifer has the right idea with this dress. It's designed to add visual interest in the upper body and highlight her super-toned abs. 

Gwen (Hourglass)

The sexpot of all body types, the hourglass figure is like winning the lottery in life! You're shape is shared by only 9% of women, but the most famous of these figures was Hollywood sweetheart Marilyn Munroe and our fascination with this shape has never dwindled. Today the icons that you closely resemble are Scarlett Johansen, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Christina Henricks (the Red-head beauty from Mad Men).  Remember that breast augmentations can warp our perception of the hourglass lady, like Jennifer Love Hewitt who is actually a Bell shape, but with a little Dr's help, she's an hourglass. 

Stylists still have their job cut out for them when they want to downplay the sexy factor to achieve a certain kind of image for their starlet. With the main goal being to elongate the upper body and highlight the ity-bity waist, your style secrets are revealed by in these star images below. 

Here Christina Hendricks downplays her busty chest with strips and a broad band strap. She draws in her small waist with a solid black belt and the material drapes off her hips to bring perfect balance to her body.  Of course the black and white ensemble and red hair and lips are a striking combo! 

 Scarlett has the right idea with this figure flattering dress which has great support for the 'girls' and highlights her waist beautifully. 

Salma Hayak achieves a classy look by drawing attention to her waist with an adornment and bringing just enough attention to her bust line with a sheered one shoulder top. 

Modern Family's Sofia Vergara looks appropriate for any family gathering in this stud adorned top and skinny jeans with heels.  

These hourglass hotties must remember to avoid ruffles or detail that add weight to the bust or hips. Don't even try empire waists that hide your perfect figure and dump those baggy pants. 


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