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Posted on February 17 2012

Whittle that waist with a beautiful belt! (Try saying that ten times fast.) When you're on a fashion freshening budget then consider how a unique belt could bring new life to a dress, top or even your purse.

A belt is the secret to an hourglass silhouette, so check out the spring trends to make the most of your waist hugger: 

1. Look for contrast in your belt.  You can break up a solid colour dress with a contrasting colour belt.  Think black and white for strong impact, but camel is an excellent contrast for pastels, red and even black. 

2. A roomy shirt or dress can va-va-va-voom with a belt placed strategically at the waist, below the bust or just below the waist above hips. The secret to how your belt should fit lies in your body type:

  • Hourglass girls avoid the empire placement.  Try at waist for the perfect 36-24-36 figure! 
  • Rectangles should place belts at waist for best look, but at the hips is okay too. Larger belts at the hips are best.
  • Bells wear it best below or at the waist; always should avoid belts at hips for Bells... this adds bulk to your already booty-licious bottom. 
  • Triangle gals can wear belts at waist or hips, but not empire (below at bust). This will only add to your widest part of the body. 

3. If you're trying the geometric patterns that are popular this spring, consider a metallic belt to make the busy dress a cohesive look. Metallics can be colours too... shiny jewel tones like sapphire and emerald are cute alternatives to gold, silver and bronze. 

4. Try wearing your belt over your blazer, boyfriend sweater or roomy dress shirt. Don't worry if you don't have belt loops.  When you place the belt at your waist, it will hold in place naturally by the curve of your body, but if you opt for a belt with a little elasticity on the back then you can place it anywhere you like and it will stay as long as you have it on the right notch! 

5. A belt can bring new life to an old handbag where the strap is cracked, worn or just out of style.  If your purse has metal rings where the old strap attaches, then remove the old strap. Loop the belt around the rings that once held your old strap - it will be doubled up. Buckle the belt as though you're wearing it on your waist and voila... a new look for your bag. Best belts to try are braided and metallic.  If you find a long enough belt you can make a short strap into a longer style bag that can be worn across the body. Perfect for travel. Here's a link to an article that may help you with other styles: http://www.essortment.com/replace-purse-strap-chain-strap-46754.html

Popular styles of belts this spring include:
  • Braided (camel, black, pastels)
  • Skinny belts (usually worn at the waist) 
  • Bright colours (red, yellow, cobalt)
  • Metallic belts
  • Obi belt - no buckle, a tie up leather or synthetic 

Don't be afraid to save yourself a little cash on a synthetic belt.  Pleather can be a little easier to wear because it has more bend, especially for a belt that is a wide band style like the obi belt. 


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