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Tough Enough To Wear Pink!

Posted on February 27 2012

I love pink! Although mostly claimed as a feminine colour, I swoon when I see a man pull it off right. Pink is hot, soft, rosy, and now, pink is tough!  Sounds strange? It' time to re-think pink. The colour has been commandeered by the anti-bullying movement as the shade of strength and confidence and Betty could not agree more. 

This Wednesday February 29th, get tough enough to wear pink on Pink Shirt Day.  In wearing a little or a lot of pink you'll be sending a message that bullying is harassment and we don't accept it as an 'age old right of passage'. Pick up your t-shirt in support at any London Drugs: http://www.pinkshirtday.ca/

Here's how to make pink stand up to bullying. Nothing says tough like a bad-a@# biker, so try a pink moto jacket. Betty has a pink moto similar to this one, ready for the road as soon as the shop opens later in March! 

If you like the softer side of pink, then consider a this blushing pink dress with peek-a-boo shoulders. The braided accent belt is included.

 This dress is available in the spring :12 collection at bettybegood.ca.

The toughest of the shades of pink is hot pink. Nothing is hotter than hot pink and you can pull this off if you wear it right.  The key is to ground your vibrant fuchsia and neon with a black, white or navy (Betty loves hot pink & navy).

Go for a hot pink top or bottom. Then wear a basic tank, cardigan or blazer to balance the look. Or try the reverse, a neutral dress and spice it up with a neon cardi.

Lastly, the vibrancy of pink is the perfect shade for accessories and shoes! Try not to be too matchy-matchy with your pink outfit and accessories.  Instead, wear all neutrals and give your look a pop with just a hint of pink. If you try an all pink look, it could be a powder puff overload. 



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