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Leather & Lace

Posted on February 29 2012

Playing with texture is one of the best ways to adopt a little edge into your wardrobe. Rich and luxurious textures like leather and lace may be considered polar opposites and while the style rules may have said to separate them in your closet, the new rules say bust them out and wear them loud and proud...together! 

Lace by itself can be too cute...even childish if dominating a dress or blouse. Black leather with no other texture can be harsh and bold. But put them together and you have a juxtaposition of hard and soft that can really work. 

If you're looking to keep the edge, but want to soften it just a little try monochromatic pairings like a black lace top with a black leather moto jacket. 

If you really want to play up the 'fallen angel' look, try an ivory dress with lace accents and a black, taupe or brown leather jacket. Betty loves how this ivory lace top is coupled with these cognac leather shorts. If you think shorts are not your thing, try wearing tights with your dressy shorts to hide blemished legs or to transition from winter to spring when the days are still chilly. 

Some tips: 
  • Get outside the leather jacket. Leather-look or real leather skinny jeans are a style trend to watch for this fall. If you want to catch the trend early, you can try wearing them with lace or a softer texture now as an evening look.
  • When mixing these textures, stay with neutrals. Black, brown and taupe for leather & black or ivory for the lace.  Trying other colours might make each item look cheap. 
  • When trying the leather and lace look, go easy with the shoes and accessories. 
  • Try leather accents. Wear your lacy top and add a black or chocolate leather belt. 

Check out Betty's two unique styles of moto jackets & these gorgeous lace tops & dresses:


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