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Pippa the Prince'Sis' of Style

Posted on April 18 2012

Ever since the derrière incident at the Royal Wedding, Pippa has been a real royal fashion icon. 

One of the reasons we love to follow Pippa's style is because she's all the practicality of her Duchess 'sis, but all the flare of a modern Fergie! Pippa wins on style with the following rules and you can apply them to you own wardrobe for a regal look everyday:

Keep it simple, but not too simple. 

This sounds simple enough, but there's a fine line between dressing too practical, like straight from The Gap, and too fussy with trend on trend. Pippa usually makes a statement with just one piece of her outfit. Take for example this blouse balanced with a basic skinny jean and boots.  Love the orange purse too!

Choose a style theme that reflects you.

Pippa is has selected a style theme and it makes a statement about her personality. She loves a little femininity which is telling from her use of hearts, ruffles and girly features. The message she sends is that she's the approachable type...maybe a little more fun and free than her princess sis!

If you're lovin' the hearts and ruffles of Pippa's style theme, consider Patty's Heart Dot Dress or Amelie's Out of Town Dress. Your style theme might develop around a colour like mint for spring or tangerine, but it might be a mood like earthy or romantic. Remember, this style theme will evolve from season to season, but it's always a reflection of you.

Balance structured styles with softer styles.

Even though Pippa loves her girly looks, she usually balances these soft styles with more structured outerwear like a blazer or moto to avoid looking too cute and sweet and not age appropriate. Consider this affordable moto jacket like Blondie's Taupe Moto from Betty Be Good's collection. If you're lovin' the lace that Pippa sports below, Eliza's Lace Dress is spot on. 

Find the perfect handbag or three!  

The Princess'sis' of style is a purse junkie and her selections are large, luggage style hand bags that accent her soft wardrobe.  If you're buying one really fine leather piece consider metallic or camel styles, but if you can handle a little colour try mint, red or orange and don't worry about matching it to your look of the day!  


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