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Betty Is Your Celebrity Stylist

Posted on April 02 2012

Everyone has a unique body shape that can be identified by answering a few simple questions. If you've ever wanted to learn how to choose clothes that better fit your body or if you've ever wondered how you can downplay problem areas and up-play your best features, then take Betty's Body Shape Quiz.

After this short quiz, Betty will give you tips to get the perfect fit! When you visit www.bettybegood.ca, you can view the fashions according to your unique shape so you can see exactly how the clothing will flatter your body. 

There are four basic body types for all women. You might have characteristics from two different shapes, but ultimately your measurements won't lie. Your body shape is either Bell, Hourglass, Rectangle or inverted Triangle. Knowing which one will help you disguise those 'trouble' spots and balance out your shape. 

Have you ever thought, 'I'd love to look like that celebrity. She has a wicked body.' Just remember, celebrities have personal stylists who help them camouflage their true shape to look like the 'it-girl' or shape of the month. Sometimes it's waify Kate Moss whose the 'perfect shape' and sometimes it's Jennifer Lopez's curvy, bell shape that everyone wants. Even with exercise, dieting and your own celebrity stylist, your body might not look exactly like theirs and why would you want it to. 

Your shape is unique to you and you're fabulous exactly how you are. Betty will just help you enhance your shape for a more balanced look. It's like having your own celebrity stylist.  

Take Betty's body shape quiz & learn more about your body shape, click here
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