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How To Wear Coloured Denim

Posted on May 29 2012

Betty has the most sought after colour of the season - mint green - in the most trendy style of the season...coloured denim! Love them, gotta have them, but coloured denim might seem a little tricky when creating that coordinated ensemble. Betty is here to help! 


Yes, this rule still holds true in the warmer months and is the easiest and safest way to wear colored denim. The best neutrals for the season are ivories, peaches, whites, and light grays. Look for shirts that have an asymmetrical neckline or hem as the imbalance in proportion against the skinny colored denim will draw the eyes up and lengthen the torso. We love how Cameron rocks her cigarette guava denim with a neutral blazer and sandals.

Bring a little shine to your neutral pairing with Charlene's Shimmer Top available in ice grey and nude pink for only $45.50 from Betty Be Good.


Feeling risky? Incorporate a printed neutral such as a stripe, polka dot or both like the look we're lovin' below.  


Keep it all in the family. Start with your colored denim (in this case consider the green a mint green and the yellow a buttercup yellow) and go to the left or the right to find your pairing color. If you want to add a third color to your look, just keep moving around the color wheel. Three is a good stopping point for colors when color blocking. 


Complementary colors work, too. Create an outfit from the opposite side of the color chart. Start with your denim color and move exactly across the color chart to pick the color. Pair a lavender top with buttercup yellow jeans and a cotton candy pink blouse with your mint green jeans. For Mandy's Minty Cool Skinny Jeans you might try tangerine orange which is directly across from green on the wheel or even stray a little over to red. Mandy's Minty Cool Skinny Jeans are a perfect pair with Sunny's Aztec Top or just try a little pop of contrast colour a tangerine scarf. Check out these tangerine nails so scrumptious we could eat them up! 



The last option is to go monochromatic. Wear your denim with a different shade of the same color. Pair a tangerine top with guava jeans and a deep violet with your lavender. If you love this look with the mint jeans, denim chambray top and blush moto, check out how to get it from Betty! 


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