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Fashion Bloggers That Rock!

Posted on June 08 2012

While I just started in the blogging game, I'm duly impressed by the company I'm joining of amazing writers and style hounds across Canada.  

We're sharing our fav blog's from around the country that will keep you "in the know" and looking fine.  Some share unique fashion styling, others have amazing DIY's ideas that are frankly genius! 


Pop Champagne is one of the best DIY blog sites that I've ever seen. Julie from Ottawa is part Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl), part Martha Stewart as how she invents and creates low or no-cost styles including friendship bracelets, fringed tank tops, re-furbished shoes, jewellery and metallic jeans. The ideas are endless and I am crazy about them all.  Her projects are incredible for 'upcycling' - which is now the term used for adding value to an old item, but actually making it better or more current.  My fav idea of Julie's is how she uses nail polish to bring life to old jewellery. She also paint thrift shop find shoes!



Vancouver based blogger Niki is the ultra-cute, quirky fashionista behind A Haute Mess - a collage of style that reads like a personal fashion diary and features photography of Niki wearing fresh and creative styles on the streets of NYC, Toronto and our hometown VanCity. I love the silly humour in her posts and her laid-back style mixed with flirty, sexy flare. 

Her recent post about coordinating your outfit to your drink is very funny & clever!


Possibly the coolest blogger on the web is Lily of Bleed For Fashion. Her irreverent style makes me want to throw out all my preppy frocks and dare to explore my edgier side. Let's face it, Betty's collection leans a little syrupy sweet, but I love a little 'bad girl' style mixed in there. Lily accomplishes sweet and cute, with hard and sharp. She's also my hometown girl (Vancouver), so props for that too! 


Jen of Her Waise Choice is a lady after my own heart.  She loves classic, feminine fashion and she experiments with colour. Her styled looks are straight up sophisticated and coordinated. I do love how she takes risks and blends in that unique accessory or colourful shoe, but any one of her styled looks could be worn to the office, on a dinner date or to the first meeting with your boyfriends parents. 

I think she's adorable and her blog is a fantastic resource for ready to wear ideas. 


Victoria of Demi Couture styles the latest trends and offers a unique selection of styles giving you the scoop of where to get them on any budget. I love her post about styling floral denim...you gotta love the mix of patterns and textures.  She's right in the loop of everything that hits the streets and a few things that hit the runways. I'm digging Victoria as a style resource for trend spotting. 

There are so many incredible blogs and resources out there that I plan to post another instalment of 'Blogs That Rock' soon.  If you have any favs, then drop me a line at bettybegood@live.ca so I can check them out too! 


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