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Katy's MMVA Body Suit A Teenage Dream

Posted on June 18 2012

Sunday's Much Music Video Award (MMVA) viewers were struck 'wide awake' by Katy Perry's sparkling body suit and back side reveal during the 2012 Canadian awards show where Perry dawned a mystical butterfly costume that left little to the imagination. 

While others may criticize Perry for her outlandish fashion, I praise her for embracing her feminine spirit and taking risks even when they fall flat.  Katy's style evolution is impressive as she moves from forgettable to formidable on the fashion scene. 

We see Katy's free spirit in this green Asian-inspired dress and tall boots, but it's not very coordinated and she falls into the frumpy category in her early fashion attempts.


As Katy finds her inner vixen, we see a transition from frumpy to frilly. She attempts a pin up model look that welcomes the past into the present.  I think this appeals to her younger audience and establishes her as a classic beauty with modern appeal, but her style hasn't matured yet. 



Remember, the 2012MMVA's are not the first time Katy has pulled out the Bedazzler. Even with blue hair, this dress is striking on Katy! 

Katy can pull off some outlandish looks from pink hair to whipping cream bras, but when styled to perfection, she's a stunner. 


I love how she embraces her soft and feminine side when she wants to! Katy is all girl in black lace and ruffles or pink chiffon and ribbons.


While her style may not always translate to daily fashion, I love to watch Katy express her fashion freedom both when she hits the mark or just has fun trying! 

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