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The Right Amount of Wrong - Part One "Patterns"

Posted on September 10 2013

Have you ever seen a look in a magazine or on the street and you love it, but there's something just a little wrong about it? The patterns or colours clash, it breaks the 'style rules' and sometimes the textures compete, but somehow it still works. How do they do it? It's just the right amount of wrong. 

We've all seen the "wrong" amount of wrong.... it's like the fashion victim got dressed in the dark. But the right amount of wrong can take a conservative, boring look to another level.

Pair Up Patterns

Polka dots with stripes, plaid with paisley....are you sweating just thinking about the clash of patterns? Some people are so afraid of mixing patterns, they simply stay safe and wear only solids or patterns only with solids. This is done at the risk of looking BORING! Want to spice up your style, consider these great tips from fashion bloggers:


1. Find a base color. This is the first and most important step.  Have the base color appear in each of the prints, whether you choose 2 or 3 prints to work with.  This repeat of color will tie all the patterns together and give them a common tone.

 Note: If you're wearing a basic black and white stripe tee you're more free to combine it with whatever print piece you like because black and white are versatile and work with almost anything. This also includes brown, gray and navy blue.

2. Mix patterns of different weights: Wearing medium/large with small patterns create balance. However mixing large patterns can empower your outfit and make you look wider - combining two or more small prints on the other hand make your overall appearance busy.

3. Break up patterns with a solid:  Give your outfit some rest by breaking it up with a basic, solid color. This makes your outfit look more balanced and modern. Basic wide belts, jackets and hosiery are great for this. 


4. Some prints can be neutrals: Think tweed skirts and dress pants or small houndstooth. And even black and white, navy blue and white stripes. They are so classic and understated, they become a neutral and can be topped with two other print pieces. 

5. Play around with what you’ve got in your closet, start out small – pair a printed scarf with a top of a different pattern.  And if you have to “see it to believe it,” then this pattern mixing chart should be very helpful!


6. Don’t go too matchy-matchy

Similar polka dot patterns head and toe make it look like you’re overly confined to fashion rules. As if your outfit is too well-thought and predictable. It just isn't exciting to look at. Add a few surprises by wearing different types of prints and textures.

Stay tuned for part two of The Right Amount of Wrong - "The Colour Clash"!  


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