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The Right Amount of Wrong - Part Two "Colour Clash"

Posted on September 23 2013

The Colour Clash

Purple with orange, red with pink, brown with black... the style rules of yesterday say "no way". Today, the colour blocking trend urges us to mix the colour wheel with daring combinations. 


The trend that sent girls flocking to their hair stylists for gradient changing locks is now making it's mark in fashion as dresses, tops and even jeans look almost dipped and stripped of colour. Betty's new style, 'Alison's Ombre Dress' is a perfect example of the technique and it takes the colour clash another step by mixing black with brown... A once upon a time fashion 'no-no'.



When clashing in fashion, take a page from your art class textbook and consult the colour wheel. Look for complimentary colours or shades opposite to each other on the wheel such as red to green, purple to yellow and blue to orange. 

But don't take it literally. Take red with green for example... Maroon is in the red family and olive is in the green family. Why not pair a burgundy blouse with olive green jeans? 

The same technique can be applied to the blue and orange families. Midnight blue and rust orange are a perfect pair!

The goal is to make the contrast as sharp as possible and remember to own it no matter how strange it might feel at first. 



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