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Betty's Style Panel

Posted on January 20 2013

Betty's philosophy is liberty in style.  She believes in no style boundaries, no age limits, no rules... just individual, unique and chic styles for free thinkers and savvy shoppers.   

Each season Betty 'curates' a collection of fashion that brings a new edge to the Canadian online marketplace. This season, we created Betty's Style Panel.  We're enlisting contributions from an eclectic group of unique thinkers and fabulous dressers! We review dozens of styles to choose only the best that will comprise the collection of BettyBeGood.ca.

Introducing Betty's Style Panel...

Amba Schenk

Amba is a fashion professional with a management and retail career that spans the past 15 years. Leone, Mexx and currently True Religion are all part of this style-hounds resume. Her style is classic chic, but her favourite relaxed look is a pair of True Religions and an adorable hoody. Amba acted as a consultant for Betty on her first collection in Spring 2012. Her influence gave Betty a classic, wearable collection with ample jewel tones and a healthy dose of purple! She loves premium denim, quality knits and designer handbags.  For Amba quality is key and she brings a special quality to Betty's Style Panel. 

Amelia Norrie

Amelia is a free spirit that's always on the go.  Whether she's running marathons, coaching field hockey for teens or travelling to faraway lands, Amelia is bringing her best wherever she goes.  She is an avid shopper... both online and off. She's been known to don styles from Mod Cloth, Gentle Fawn and Artizia. Betty would describe Amelia's style as Suburban Hipster. She loves feminine style with bold tailoring, unique adornments and hourglass silhouettes. Amelia is a style chameleon that can easily transition from sporty to sexy so we love how she represents 'the every woman'. 

Jane Brookes

Jane is straight-up cute as a button! She's the owner of Sugarbox Waxing Boutique, Vancouver's premier salon for brazilians, bikini's and brows. She is sugary sweet and her style drips in adorable... she loves leopard print, lace, skulls and anything feminine. Her classic 'uniform' is lulu's, cozy knit sweaters and layering tanks, but when Jane takes it out on the town she rolls with edge and sass. She can be seen shopping boutiques on main street and discovering vintage finds on commercial drive. She brings a 'downtown' perspective and she stretches our boundaries for fashion with her wild child inside. 

Jennifer Cheon

Jenny is the rockstar of the panel! She is one of those girls that looks gorgeous in paper bag! But that's ok, because you can't hate her for it... she too beautiful inside too! Her style is not just edgy, but right on the edge. She shops thrift stores, vintage boutiques and her brothers closet for unique, rock star style. If she has a belt in her closet... she never wears it as a belt... it's a necklace, a sash and a purse strap. Jenny is pursuing her first love... acting. Recently, she lived in LA auditioning and building her reputation with Hollywood casting directors. Jenny brings a youthful, daring spirit to the panel and we love her for it! 

Marti Player 

Marti is a classic beauty that loves quality designs with unique and chic styling. She takes her basics and styles them with funky, fresh and fun accessories. Marti is a fitness enthusiast that can never resist the urg to run... even on holidays! She loves dressing her rock-star body with figure flattering styles that show off all her hard work. She loves leopard print, designer handbags and cutie booties! Her love of french culture leads her to classic styling but her vivacious personality draws her to edgy jewelry, scarves and footwear. Marti lives life to the fullest with an active family and robust social life. Her lifestyle requires her to be comfortable, chic and always ready for anything. That's exactly what she brings to Betty's style panel... chic and unique!  

Mini Gill

Mini is an avid shopper of boutiques and shops from around the globe. She fills her closet with unique finds from Italy, Montreal, London and Paris. Ask her where she got that cute top.... it's likely from some exotic city! She wears beautiful basics with unique accessories and designer handbags.  Handbags and boots are Mini's weakness! She can't resist a terrific tote, a colourful clutch or a beautiful bootie. She loves her skinny jeans with flowy, waist-hugging tops and tall boots. She has an active lifestyle so her fashion has to keep up. Mini brings an eye for quality, figure flattering styles to the panel. 

Melissa Munroe

Melissa is a cutie-patutie with a love of all things pink! She's a creative spirit with massive talent for design, handmade crafts and jewelry. Her most unique fashion craft is a line of duct tape purses that are downright adorable. She is a video editor and the owner of Blossom Soap Co - a collection of handmade soap in delicious fruity and dreamy scents. Melissa is always wearing pink... but purple makes it's play every so often.  She loves stripes, denim, adornments and cardigans. For keeping it fun, fresh and fabulous, Melissa is a great addition to the Style Panel. 


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