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Betty's V-Day Gift Guide

Posted on February 12 2013

I've been shot by Cupid's arrow this year!  I'm feeling the V-Day excitement just a little bit more than usual... and mostly because red, pink and floral are filling my heart. 

Now girls, if you want to ensure V-day gift success, let's help our guys think outside the traditional chocolate, flowers, diamonds and candy.  Betty shares her style metaphors for these V-Day traditions.

We all love chocolate, but with many of us on a post holiday calorie watch and intense fitness regime, consider the guilt-free approach, a chocolate moto jacket... Amelia's Mischievous Moto is $89.50.

We love flowers, but sadly they never last.  Check out a bouquet that never wilts... Serena's Secret Garden Blouse is $39.50

If the crown fits... wear it! This tiara is fit for a queen and it benefits charity. A Sparkle of Hope charity pin shares love with victims of human trafficking through The Salvation Army for only $10.

Check out the adorable eye candy.. this candy apple red skirt is delicious for V-Day with stripes, bow-tie patterns or floral. Taylor is lovin' her red and we love how she pairs up stripes with this red skirt. Rachel's Lucky Red Skirt is $49.50.

May you live in love all year through!  
Happy Valentine's Day lovers and friends. 


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