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Pop Up Shops: Why do we love them?

Posted on March 26 2013

Pop up shops are nothing new to the fashion biz, but recently with the cost of real estate and the sagging economy, smaller boutiques are responding by keeping overhead low to stay competitive with big box retailers.  How are they doing that? By investing in e-commerce and hosting pop up shops. 

The pop up shop is appealing because it's novelty, the urgency makes it exciting and the new kid on the block is always mysterious! 

It's always fun to walk by a space and discover something entirely new that wasn't there the day before. If you're the first of your friends to find it.... there's a cache in referring others there too! The fact that this shop is here today and gone tomorrow creates an excitement that traditional retail does not offer. While pop ups may not have all the bells and whistles of a traditional store, the uniqueness of product and the value they offer (given their low overhead) more than make up for lack of cozy change rooms and fancy fixtures. 

Betty loves to pop up in new communities.  We meet new friends and expose the unique collection to a variety of shoppers with eclectic taste. Plus, we always offer specials available only at our pop ups. 

Our most recent pop up at The Chinatown Experiment location (434 Columbia Street) was a chance to expand our base to a more edgy market.  We saw people taking more fashion risks and that was a lot of fun! The space was shabby chic with unfinished floors and plaster walls, but it add charm to the shop and fit in perfectly with the community which is ripe full of fun personalities and expressive people. We're making plans to pop up there again May 9-12th.  Don't miss it!  

You never know where we'll pop up next. Stay tuned for details! 


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