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From Just Fine To Fabulous

Posted on June 26 2013

Recently, I shared some style tips with a group of fashionable and fun ladies at a networking event called Work It Girl! My presentation boiled down to this...

Have you ever seen those people who walk down the street and you're like, 'wow - how did that happen?' - I mean the look is so perfect right down to the nail polish. When that happens, some of you are thinking holy smokes, 'I want her to style my look every morning'... and some of you are thinking, 'I shouldn't have left the house this morning with people like that on the streets'. 

I believe we all fall into one of three basic categories.  The people aforementioned, who just jumped off the runway, the people who just jumped out of an episode of What Not To Wear and the rest of us....  Coordinated, safe, and 'just fine'. Who wants to be 'just fine'? I want to be fabulous! 

Now the style victims have personality.  They generally just need to focus their style and tone down the leopard print or shaggy faux fur. Toss some items, keep some and coordinate it all a little better. 

The main differences between the Fine and the Fabulous are the following factors...



Whenever you see someone who really nailed it in the style department, you will notice that she has a focus for her look.  Consciously or unconsciously, she has centred her look around either an item of clothing or accessory and she is making the rest of the look coordinate with that. This look is centred around the neon blazer. Only one style is screaming while the rest of her look whispers. Candidates for 'What Not To Wear' are screaming, shouting and swearing with their clothing! 



As a general rule, it's better to have your top tight and your bottoms loose or vice versa, but never both tight and usually never both loose (the exception is lounge wear). When you wear a relaxed top and slim jean, you balance your top & bottom.  In reverse, this is best executed with a boyfriend jean that's relaxed and a fitted blazer with body hugging tee. 

The reason the flowy sundress is so cute with a shrunken cardigan is that the cardi brings in the flowy dress and brings structure to the free spirited dress.  

I'm just gonna say it, some of us are hiding under our large & extra large clothes! I hear it all the time.... but large is just more comfortable.  Save it for your lounge wear; which belongs at home, by the way!



If you follow the rules, how can you have any fun? I love this because it really applies to fashion. The Fabulous people don't observe rules.  They mix colours, patterns, textures and even seasons of fashion.  They shop vintage and blend with modern.  They buy from the sale rack and the upscale boutique.... but never exclusively one!  We've all seen the gal with too much cash to spend so she's a designer dog's breakfast! 

Of course, if you play it safe, mix black and grey with white.  Stick to the solids and never wear leopard, you will always look fine. If you want to look Fabulous, try floral and stripes, leather and tweed, cut off shorts and a tuxedo jacket! Blend colours in the same family for a conservative look, add a patterned scarf in a contrasting colour to get a little more crazy and then introduce something wild in your purse, shoes or jewelry. 




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